X-Doria Raptic Clutch MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Black)

Vynikající výrobek X-Doria Raptic Clutch MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Black) pocházející od značky Krytárna jednoduše můžete najít na našich stránkách nyní v akci. Nabídky od 989 Kč
Cena: 989 Kč

Distinctive, durable, and designed for easy everyday use, Raptic Clutch MagSafe phone case offers the perfect blend of style, protection, and functionality for the latest smartphones. The slim profile of Clutch MagSafe is smooth and snag-free to maximize its pocket-friendly convenience. Finely textured side panels enhance the grip, and the gracefully rippled back panel adds subtle individuality. Clutch MagSafe achieves 10-foot military grade drop protection with a frame combining impact-absorbing TPU and durable polycarbonate. Adding convenient functionality, the MagSafe-compatible back panel ensures full wireless changing compatibility and secure mounting on MagSafe accessories. Made with 59%25 recycled materials* and manufactured with EcoElement™ to make it completely biodegradable when it is discarded, Clutch MagSafe is designed down to its 100%25 biodegradable plastic-free packaging to be a carbon-neutral product that makes eco-conscious high performance a reality. Military-Grade Drop Protection: The impact-absorbing dual-layer frame of Raptic Clutch provides 10-foot drop protection. * NOTE: Clear Clutch MagSafe does not utilize recycled materials Product features: – Sleek Pocket-Friendly Design: The smooth snag-free low-profile design slides in and out of pockets for easy daily carry. – Built for MagSafe: Back plate is MagSafe-compatible for wireless charging and secure mounting on MagSafe accessories. – Biodegradable Phone Case: EcoElement™ material ensures that case biodegrades completely to leave no end-of-life trace. – Certified Carbon Neutral: Consideration of materials, production, and packaging minimize overall environmental impact.

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