Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre MICROBAN Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (Clear / Vintage Rose Fade)

Vynikající produkt Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre MICROBAN Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (Clear / Vintage Rose Fade) originál od výrobce Krytárna snadno získáte tady nyní ve slevě. Ceny již od 1059 Kč
Cena: 1059 Kč

Presidio® Perfect Clear + Ombre is a transparent design with an Ombre effect, revealing all the aesthetic qualities of the phone, while incorporating the latest IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier technology to protect the phone from damage when dropped. This is all thanks to two layers: the outer layer, which disperses the force of the impact, and the inner IMPACTIUM™, which absorbs the shock. In this way, the case effectively secures the phone and protects it from damage. According to tests, the case can withstand a fall from a height of almost 4 m. In addition, Speck has patented a display protection system in its cases which minimises the risk of damage to the phone when falling with the screen down. All Speck products are tested for scratch resistance, chemical resistance and precise fit in order to deliver a high-quality case. The perfectly transparent design does not obscure the phone and a special coating prevents discolouration and yellowing. In addition, only Speck products have cases with a special antimicrobial coating (Microban), which provides lifetime protection of the case against stains and marks that cause microbial growth, allowing you to enjoy a clean and elegant case for a long time. Product features: – Elekt Ombre – Protection for your device in the event of a fall from a height of almost 4 m – Two protective layers: outer hard polycarbonate layer combined with an inner IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier layer to absorb shocks – Patented screen down protection system (raised frame around the screen) – Protects the device on all sides and the camera on the back of the phone – Raised screen frame for added safety – Microban antimicrobial coating – lifetime product protection against bacteria – Resistant coating to prevent discolouration and yellowing. – Extremely thin design – Tested under laboratory conditions – Case compatible with wireless charging – Compatible with Apple MagSafe charger

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