Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Glitter MagSafe MICROBAN Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Clear / Gold Glitter)

Tento exkluzivní kus Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Glitter MagSafe MICROBAN Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Clear / Gold Glitter) od top výrobce Krytárna naleznete tady a teď právě téměř zdarma. Právě lze objednat jen za 1309 Kč
Cena: 1309 Kč

The Presidio® Perfect-Clear with Glitter + MagSafe® is a clear case with built-in magnets, compatible with Apple MagSafe® accessories with glittering glitter crystals to resist fading and add a touch of elegance. New and innovative materials have been used to create a case which is 20%25 slimmer, retains its transparency for longer and offers greater protection and durability. The case is not only chic, but is also drop and abrasion resistant thanks to Clear Impact technology. The transparent, shock-absorbing compound compresses on impact to protect the phone and prevent damage, protecting it from drops of up to 4 metres. Tested to withstand real life situations, including extreme drops and chemicals. Magnets have been tested separately to ensure longevity, reliability and full compatibility with MagSafe®, even when the device is dropped. The active ingredient built into the structure of the case stops 99%25 of bacteria that accumulate on the surface of the case. MICROBAN® technology thus provides lifelong protection against stain- and odour-causing bacteria and works on a cellular level to keep the case clean. The case also features a raised bezel, the extra edge helps protect the screen from scratches and shattering when the phone falls and lands with the screen face down. Product features: – Withstands drops from heights of up to 4 metres – Fade-resistant fused glitter crystals resistant to fading – Innovative Clear Impact technology to cushion the phone – Perfect-Clear coating resists discolouration – 20%25 slimmer design – MICROBAN® active antimicrobial protection – Elevated screen protection frame

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