Ringke Magnetic Ring Plate MagSafe White

Oblíbený a kvalitní kus Ringke Magnetic Ring Plate MagSafe White od známé společnosti Krytárna naleznete právě zde za akční cenu. V akci od 579 Kč
Cena: 579 Kč

Universally compatible magnetic ring plate for smartphones to convert a regular case into a MagSafe case. (Smartphone not included) Made of 38-pieces of powerful neodymium magnets to enhance magnetic connection. Slim and lightweight polycarbonate covers for zero added bulk and minimal magnetic interference. Perfect for MagSafe designed accessories such as fast chargers, cardholders, and car mounts. Installs via double-sided 3M adhesive. Comes with an easy-to-install placement guide to find the perfect position for your smartphone.

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