Nillkin Flex Pure Pro Samsung Galaxy S21+ Plus blue

Tento žádaný výrobek Nillkin Flex Pure Pro Samsung Galaxy S21+ Plus blue originál od značky Krytárna získáte právě za výhodnou cenu. Akční cena již od 399 Kč
Cena: 399 Kč

Nillkin Flex PURE cover case Nillkin Flex Pure offers a soft and smooth feel of environmentally friendly non-toxic silicone. This case feels soft to the touch and is resistant to fingerprints, oil and sweat stains. Nillkin Flex Pure offers a choice of different colors that do not fade. The case fits snugly over the buttons, ports, and curves of your smartphone. The impact resistance and camera protection offered by Nillkin Flex Pure prevent common damages to your device. Nillkin Flex Pure offers protection from scratches with its microfiber lining inside the case. It merges seamlessly with the silicone material to give all-round protection. The design is complete with an imprinted Nillkin logo and slogan on the inside of the case. Feels good to touch The high-quality silicone material feels great to the touch as soft as a baby’s skin. Environmentally friendly Made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials with SGS certification. Silicone oil finish The case is covered in a silicone oil finish that protects from fingerprints, oil and sweat stains. Defined buttons The case fits snugly around your phone and perfectly fits over the volume buttons and side buttons accentuating their position for easy operation. Camera protection Elevated bezels around the camera to protect against scratches. Wireless charging The case supports wireless charging and you do not need to remove it when using a wireless charger.

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