Nillkin Cyclops Apple iPhone 13 blue

Tento exkluzivní výrobek Nillkin Cyclops Apple iPhone 13 blue od populární značky Krytárna můžete najít u nás teď skutečně levně. Nyní lze objednat jen za 469 Kč
Cena: 469 Kč

Nillkin Cyclops Case A durable phone case with a camera cover and foldable stand The Nillkin Cyclops series case is a very durable case that is able to protect your phone from serious damage when it falls out of your hand on a hard floor. When you buy a new phone, it is worth getting a decent case right away, especially if you have decided on a device from the highest price range. One careless move is enough for the phone to fall to the ground. The device on which the case was put on, and especially the Nillkin Cyclops Case, has a much better chance of getting out of such an accident unscathed. In addition to the fact that the cover protects the housing, it also has a built-in cover for the rear camera. You can cover the lens in the phone with a special cap and you will be sure that nothing is threatening it. The camera cover also has a second function. After taking it out and turning it turns into a practical stand. You can lean your phone on it and watch movies comfortably on it. The most important features Fully complete protection for the rear camera. Raised edges and lens hood. The camera cap also acts as a stand. You can watch movies and play games on your phone more conveniently. Two-piece construction. Flexible frame connected to a stiff back panel. Responsive buttons and precise cutouts for connectors. It minimizes the risk of damage to the phone if it falls to the ground. The modern look emphasizes the design of the device. Secure your camera and your privacy The camera cover prevents its mechanical damage, and covering it prevents taking pictures with it when an unauthorized person breaks into the phone remotely. Practical stand The camera cap is also a stand on which you can rest your phone comfortably. Double construction The cover consists of two interconnected parts. The back panel made of PC material is stiff and is responsible for the stability of the entire cover. A flexible TPU frame covers the sides of the phone, absorbs impact energy and protects the screen and camera by sticking out over the edge of the device. Raised edges The cover’s frames are constructed in such a way that they slightly protrude above the screen plane. Therefore, even when you place your smartphone with the display facing down, it does not have direct contact with the ground.

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