Kingxbar PQY Gradient MagSafe Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max clear

Zlevněný výrobek Kingxbar PQY Gradient MagSafe Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max clear od top značky Krytárna naleznete teď za výhodnou cenu! Právě teď jen za 559 Kč
Cena: 559 Kč

Kingxbar PQY Gradient Series – magnetic case, case, cover – MagSafe compatible Are you looking for a colorful case that is elegant and unique? Choose Kingxbar PQY Gradient Series. This new line of iPhone cases that are eye-catching and protect your phone effectively. Kingxbar PQY Gradient Series highlights: Gradient pattern – the colors blend smoothly to create a dazzling effect The case has rigid backs and a gel frame to tightly cover your phone It is resistant to dirt, does not yellow and does not fade Effectively protects the device against damage Available for several iPhone models Compatible with MagSafe accessories Dazzling gradient effect This unique line of iPhone cases stands out with a beautiful gradient. Delicate colors smoothly flow between each other, creating an interesting, delicate pattern. The Kingxbar PQY Gradient Series cover is translucent – so you can see the Apple logo on the phone’s backpacks. Quality and durability The Kingxbar PQY Gradient Series case has a stiff back and a gel frame, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the phone. The surface does not rub, it is durable and difficult to get dirty. It does not collect fingerprints, does not fade and does not yellow, and it is pleasant to the touch. Protection for your iPhone Light and durable – this is the case of Kingxbar PQY Gradient Series. The case can withstand bumps and shocks with ease. Precise cutouts give access to all buttons, speakers and the charging port. In addition, the edge of the case effectively protects the camera against scratches. Compatible with MagSafe accessories Want to connect MagSafe accessories to your iPhone? You don’t have to take the case off every time you want to listen to music on AirPods headphones or charge your phone wirelessly. The Kingxbar PQY Gradient Series case is fully compatible with MagSafe accessories.

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