Joyroom Knight Glass Apple iPhone 14 Plus Anti Blue Light (JR-G03)

Tento kvalitní a žádaný výrobek Joyroom Knight Glass Apple iPhone 14 Plus Anti Blue Light (JR-G03) od odblíbeného výrobce Krytárna snadno naleznete zde za výprodejovou cenu! Akční cena od 439 Kč
Cena: 439 Kč

Joyroom Knight Series green 2.5D tempered glass with Anti Blue Light filter for the entire screen for iPhone Are you looking for a reliable screen protector for your phone? The Joyroom brand offers tempered glass with a frame that perfectly covers the entire screen. It protects the device as well as the user’s eyes. How? Thanks to the technology with a blue-ray filter that filters and removes harmful ultraviolet radiation. The comfort of using a smartphone has improved significantly! Forget about eye pain, feel the perfectly smooth, delicate aluminosilicate glass under your fingers, which is resistant to damage, and in the event of an impact, it does not break into many small, sharp-edged pieces, but breaks. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Shade: Green Hardness: 9H Material: Tempered Glass Set contains: 1 x Joyroom full-screen tempered glass with anti blue light filter 1 x installation tool The most important features: High-quality material – made of aluminosilicate glass New narrow edges, transparent, indistinct on the screen High transparency and soft to the touch Anti-blue-ray technology, good eye protection from radiation Super thin glass, the screen is very sensitive to touch 9H hardness, safe splash resistance function Curved edge, smooth and safe Explosion protection With installation tool for quick assembly. Excellent visibility even with the glass glued on This protection does not in any way hinder the use of the device. Glass with a high degree of transparency ensures very good transparency and visibility, faithful reproduction of colors and contrasts. The frame is invisible – as if nothing is outside. Perfect protection for the user’s eyes The anti-blue-ray filter that blocks harmful light and improves the quality of looking is perfectly protected against radiation harmful to the eyes. Very high level of display protection Thanks to the toughened glass, the risk of screen breakage is reduced by as much as 95%25! This is due to the 4-layer glass structure, which, despite its excellent technical parameters, remains thin and invisible. Perfect fit to the surface The glued glass adapts perfectly to the surface, does not collect dust, protects against fingerprints and drops of falling water. Thanks to the automatic de-aeration technology, it sticks precisely without the formation of air bubbles.

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