Joyroom Knight Glass 2,5D TG Apple iPhone 14 Plus clear (JR-H03)

Tento kvalitní produkt Joyroom Knight Glass 2,5D TG Apple iPhone 14 Plus clear (JR-H03) od značky Krytárna snadno můžete získat nyní se slevou. Právě teď jen za 439 Kč
Cena: 439 Kč

Joyroom Knight 2,5D TG full screen tempered glass for iPhone with frame Extremely durable Joyroom Knight 2.5D TG glass will protect each screen from damage during a fall. It was equipped with a black frame that serves both a protective and stylistic function. The glass absorbs the energy generated by the impact and spreads it over its surface. Thanks to this, only the applied glass breaks, not the entire display. The cost of replacing this gadget is incomparably less than installing a new display! It is located in an elegant, rigid manufacturer’s packaging, which prevents damage during transport. The set includes cloths to clean the LCD screen and stickers to get rid of dust particles. Hardness: 9H New, originally packed Extremely resistant to impacts, scratches, fingerprints and wear Black frame around the glass Without the use of glue Easy to assemble Completely transparent The set includes: tempered glass, cloths for cleaning the screen, a sticker to remove dust particles High level of protection Glass provides a high level of screen protection against dirt and scratches. It is perfect for everyday use, because it protects against the effects of falls from a height or other events that leave traces of mechanical damage on the phone casing. Perfect transparency Are you fed up with protective glass and foils that limit the visibility of the screen and make the colors distorted, the contrast unclear and the touch sensitivity lower? Reach for the Joyroom brand – glass faithfully reproduces the image and colors, and does not limit the functionality of the touch screen. Easy to install Thanks to the included installation tools, the application of the glass is as simple, quick and convenient as possible. It is enough to clean the screen, apply the foil and press it, removing the air bubbles that appear.

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