Joyroom Frigate Series Apple iPhone 12 mini green (JR-BP770)

Tento vynikající produkt Joyroom Frigate Series Apple iPhone 12 mini green (JR-BP770) od top výrobce Krytárna seženete zrovna ve výprodejové akci! Právě teď jen za 309 Kč
Cena: 309 Kč

Joyroom Frigate Series durable hard case for iPhone 12 mini (JR-BP770) If you use your mobile phone very frequently and wish to provide it with top protection against damage, this case will surely satisfy you. It is equipped with an anti-shock layer and acts like a air bag for your mobile. Designers have also assured perfect anti-skidding properties and protection of crucial spots against scratching. Combination of many advanced protection systems guarantees top safety of your device, regardless of how you want to use it. Plus you can be sure of perfect look and ideal transparency. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Type: Phone case Compatible devices: iPhone series 12 Material: Transparent PC fabric and TPU gel Content of the set: 1 x phone case Major features Perfect protection against damage Layer acting like an air bag Anti-skidding fabric Camera lens protection Ideal transparency Precise holes for plugs Effective phone protection in any situation The case Joyroom BP770-772 is a product for special tasks. No matter how often you use your phone, it will provide it with full protection against damage in any situation. The use of two fabrics – flexible gel and solid PC – makes every surface of your phone fully secured. The inner layer acts like an air bag – it absorbs shocks from considerable heights. Lens protection against scratching Camera lenses often get scratched and eventually lower quality of photographs. The case Joyroom BP770-772 adopts reinforced corners around these elements. They are 4 mm thick and for this reason secure lenses against scratches, separating them from the surface which you put your phone on. Convenient anti-skidding material The use of anti-skidding cover prevents dropping your mobile phone or falling from the desk. Additionally this fabric guarantees high comfort of use and is friendly to skin. Precise holes for plugs For full comfort of use and for effective protection of spots highly exposed to damage, all holes around plugs have been carefully cut-out. Full transparency If you value perfect protection of phone, you do not have to resign from aesthetics. A super durable case by Joyroom is also a great design. It has been made of the material which does not change color under the influence of light, thus you can be sure of its complete transparency.

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