Joyroom Easy Fit Glass Full Screen Apple iPhone 14 Pro installation frame (JR-DH10)

Velmi žádaný výrobek Joyroom Easy Fit Glass Full Screen Apple iPhone 14 Pro installation frame (JR-DH10) od známého výrobce Krytárna jednoduše seženete teď v akci! Teď v akci 399 Kč
Cena: 399 Kč

Tempered glass with Joyroom mounting kit for iPhone Mounting tempered glass on your phone without stress , problems and time wasting? Choose a mounting kit from the Joyroom brand. A special positioner will allow you to accurately adjust the glass to the phone , without the risk of error. In addition, the toughened glass is covered with an oleophobic layer , which will not leave greasy traces . Specification: Brand: Joyroom Set includes: 9H tempered glass, mounting kit The most important advantages of tempered glass with an assembly kit: It will protect your phone’s display from the effects of falls . The glass has a hardness of 9H It will facilitate the process of sticking the glass to the phone . The mounting kit is an innovative system that automatically adjusts the glass to the phone Provides a seamless application . Together with the glass and the mounting kit you get the instruction manual (also in the form of a video) It guarantees perfect clarity and excellent reaction to touch . The glass has an oleophobic layer that does not leave fingerprints Simple assembly method . The glass is already attached to the mounting kit, so installation is incredibly easy

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