Hofi Hybrid Pro+ Xiaomi Watch S1 Active Black

Kvalitní výrobek Hofi Hybrid Pro+ Xiaomi Watch S1 Active Black od top značky Krytárna jednoduše seženete u nás teď skutečně levně! Cena již od 339 Kč
Cena: 339 Kč

Can flexible mean better? The small thickness, only 0.28mm, and full screen coverage make the Hofi hybrid glass almost invisible. Hardness at the level of 7H obtained thanks to the applied ceramic coatings. These are the features of a hybrid of glass and foil, which means not only high resistance to pressure or scratching, but also full sensitivity to touch as well as perfect transparency and saturation of the image. And last but not least, the greatest advantage of the product – it does not crack and does not crumble, unlike traditional toughened glasses! Check how to install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5WIzyY5AzA INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: The assembly of this glass model looks different than in the case of traditional ordinary toughened glasses on a thin adhesive layer, it is a bit more difficult due to a thicker adhesive layer. At the initial stage of application, bubbles or stripes of air may remain trapped under the glass, which need to be evacuated with repetitive movements to the edge, but the easiest way in this case is to peel off the coating to the place of the air bubble and stick it again, for example, with an ATM card. Also note that due to the curvature, the curvature of the glass must coincide with the curvature of the screen. If the glass does not stick on either side, it means that it has been glued crookedly, in which case you will have to unstick and try to mount again until you succeed. Due to the polishing and milling of the screen, it requires up to several minutes of work in some cases, but the correct final effect is delightful. PRODUCT FEATURES: – 100%25 Original – Packed in the original packaging – Surface hardness 7H – 0.28mm thickness – Maintains full touch sensitivity – Precisely fitted – Dimensions: ø39mm SET CONTAINS: 1 x Hofi Hybrid Pro + glass 1 x Installation Kit

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