Dux Ducis Hivo Samsung Galaxy S22+ Plus red

Oblíbený výrobek Dux Ducis Hivo Samsung Galaxy S22+ Plus red s osvědčenou značkou Krytárna snadno seženete teď za výhodnou cenu! Nabídka již od 519 Kč
Cena: 519 Kč

Dux Ducis Hivo An elegant case made of natural leather. It is a tasteful addition to your phone and a way to protect it from damage. The case is very durable, and thanks to the silicone insert and leather upholstery, it perfectly protects the phone when it falls on the floor. Inside the cover there are pockets for payment cards or documents, and a larger pocket for banknotes. The case can be used as a wallet. Under the skin layer, you can find material that blocks the RFID signal. This prevents money from being stolen from your account, which could be stolen by a small payment terminal used by thieves. Security of contactless payment cards Inside the case there is a material that blocks the RFID signal. Thanks to this, no one will steal your money by bringing the hidden terminal close to the pocket or purse in which you carry the phone. Stylish design The case has an elegant design that will work in any situation. It does not matter if it will be a business meeting or an ordinary social conversation. Durable and sturdy The accessory is made of natural leather that is pleasant to the touch and is supported by an internal, shock-resistant TPU overlay. Complete protection The closed design of the case makes the phone perfectly protected from all sides. Stand function The case can be folded into a convenient stand. Perfect for watching movies or browsing photos. Practical pockets On the inside of the magnetically closed flap there are practical pockets for credit cards, ID cards or banknotes. Elevated wounds Gently raised edges additionally protect the screen and camera lens. Integrated buttons They block the path of any dirt under the overlay. Precise cutouts They guarantee easy access to all necessary ports. A tasteful addition In addition to the cover itself, the set also includes a matching key ring.

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