Dudao cable USB / micro USB 3A cable 1m white (L1M white)

Tento akční a ve slevě výrobek Dudao cable USB / micro USB 3A cable 1m white (L1M white) značky Krytárna jednoduše pořídíte zde teď ve slevě! V akci od 279 Kč
Cena: 279 Kč

Dudao cable USB / micro USB 3A cable 1m: USB / micro USB cable with charging support up to 3A (max). Perfect for renewing the energy of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Fast and safe charging – The current of 3A and a cable made of thick cores are a guarantee of express and stable charging at the same time . Before you know it, your equipment will be operational again! Loading and data transfer at the same time – Energy renewal while transferring files and transferring files while renewing energy. No unnecessary windows forcing you to choose only one option. Reinforced connection – The most critical point of any cable – the connection between the cable and the plug has been additionally reinforced to prevent cracking. A small change that significantly extends the life of the entire accessory. Durable and durable – The cable is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly TPE , extremely flexible and resistant to high temperatures and bending . You don’t have to worry about the entire cable being thrown away with an accidental tug. Specification: Brand: Dudao Plugs: USB / micro USB Length: 100cm Working current: 3A Functions: loading / data transfer Compatibility: devices with a micro USB port KGO: PLN 0.02 net

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