3MK NeoGlass Samsung Galaxy A22 4G black

Výjimečný a žádaný kus 3MK NeoGlass Samsung Galaxy A22 4G black značky Krytárna jednoduše můžete sehnat tady teď ve výprodejové akci! Nyní pořídíte jen za 699 Kč
Cena: 699 Kč

Are you tired of glass that easily breaks? NeoGlass™ does not shatter into small, sharp pieces after falling. Say “goodbye” to jagged edges and cracks that disturb you when using your phone. Increased immunity to hits. NeoGlass™ absorbs impact energy and strengthens the screen by up to 350%25. Practically imperceptible. It gives the impression of using a glass screen. Looking for a product that will cover the whole display? It will protect the entire front panel of your phone. Perfectly smoothed edges will make you forget about it being there. Protect your phone against scratches. NeoGlass™ has 8H level scratch resistance. It will effectively protect your phone from scratches. Easy and quick assembly. The kit includes accessories that will make the installation easy.

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