3MK 1UP Sony Xperia 5 IV [3 PACK]

Žádaný výrobek 3MK 1UP Sony Xperia 5 IV [3 PACK] od top výrobce Krytárna můžete sehnat tady a teď skutečně levně! Aktuálně v akci za 849 Kč
Cena: 849 Kč

Whenever you want… more! Take your smartphone to a higher level of protection Our gamer protective film is for all gamers who are looking for not only the best protection for their smartphone, but also something to turn up the passion and take it to the next level. Whether you’re a fan of Among Us, Call of Duty® or you’re eagerly awaiting Diablo Immortal – screen protector gives you more. Feel the difference. On the screen! Better organoleptic properties thanks to the oleophobic coating It’s not just about phone protection. Let’s face it: that’s not enough to get your attention anymore. That’s why we offer not glass, but a transparent film that is very, very thin – and you can click several times faster and more precisely when compared to other solutions we have tested. Nay! You can click even easier than without the film! And that’s without affecting colours or reducing screen quality. Visually? There is also nothing to complain about. And the improved organoleptic properties and increased finger glide mean playing without jams and cursing under your breath. Speedy and precise on screen? That is our specificity! Improved finger glide and faster touch response Less to worry about. Greater focus. 1UP screen protector is a film that strengthens your smartphone screen so your device can withstand any game! Plus, it’s only 0.23mm thick, so it doesn’t compromise touch sensitivity, and your finger glides across it as if it were tempered glass. Free from dust and greasy stains Resistant to dust and greasy stains? That is one thing. However, anyone who has ever gamed or even texted knows how annoying it is to have fingerprints on the screen. Stains on the display reduce visibility, not to mention visual aesthetics and hygiene. And who hasn’t wiped out screen stains with a sleeve or other item of clothing? Yeah. However, the 1UP screen protector is fingerprint resistant. Even when you are gaming and eating something delicious! Simplicity and reliability When it comes to protective films, we don’t like air bubbles, difficult installation and a relatively short shelf life, which means that a new film is practically useless in just a few weeks… That’s why Screen Protector by 1UP is quick and easy to install and comes with three films in one package – each with a performance level of 20,000 cycles. That’s the best performance and great gaming for 4 months! And then? If you wish, simply replace it. And keep gaming! Screen up to 400%25 stronger! 1UP is a new 3mk brand and the creator of screen protector, a transparent film that combines everything new smartphone technologies can do. You will enjoy gaming more thanks to the organoleptic properties, but also the increased strength of the screen (up to 400%25!) and a few other details that you will appreciate for sure. If you own a phone, if you hardly ever part with it – you should know that you can demand something more from a protective film. And we know something makes a difference! Simple and safe gel installation 1UP screen protector is get installed using a special gel that is safe for your smartphone. This ensures quick and easy installation of the film, which will perfectly protect the screen of your smartphone. It doesn’t affect the colour or brightness of the screen Every detail counts during the most exciting games. We have therefore taken special care to ensure that the film, apart from providing incredible protection, does not in any way affect the projected image. You will win because nothing escapes your attention. 1UP! Safety and something more The 1UP brand is created by professionals for gamers. By combining the best technology from 3mk with new solutions, we’ve created a product that increases speed, increases precision and increases the fun while gaming – no matter if you’re fighting, discovering the game, or winning championships. A protective film? You can choose whatever you like. It can simply protect – from scratches, from dirt, from damage. It can be the same as everyone else’s. It can also give you room to grow, it can highlight your passion, it can make you think this is the best protective film you need! We are also for gamers! We have been keeping an eye on technology for years, and we probably know all about protecting smartphones. But we don’t stop at that, we definitely don’t stop there – and so we created the gaming brand, 1UP, which combines the reliability of our technology with better solutions for gamers. We are also from Poland, we have a cool team and we can be proud of our PZH* (hygiene is crucial for us) and RoHS** (and quality too) certificates. And we hope you appreciate it! 1UP is a new brand, it’s a new product – with our groundbreaking gaming solution. And this while retaining all the advantages we have developed over the years! 1UP screen protector 3x 1UP screen protector 3x CleaningSet Squeegee Installation gel

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